My Story

Beth Griffith, CPCC, ACC

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My Story

On October 31, 2000, my life changed.  Singapore Airlines Flight 006 was set to take off during heavy rains caused by a typhoon at the Taiwan International Airport in Taipei.  The plane crashed into construction equipment on the runway, killing 83 of 179 occupants.  That was my flight.

Due to a scheduling mix-up in Taipei, my business associate and I were the only ones asked to de-board the plane and take another flight.  Upset at the scheduling error, we went back into the airport, the rain so dense we could barely see through it, and began what was to be a very long, frightful night.

In the pitch black we watched flames engulf ‘our’ plane as it crashed; we saw the flashing lights go by, with airport personnel scattered and running everywhere.  We were bused to a hotel and spent the night, without being able to reach our loved ones until the next day.  I kissed the ground, literally, when I arrived home.

It would not be the last time I looked death in the face.

October 31, 2007, 7 years to the day of my near-fatal plane crash, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I received the call, I was attending a Life Coaching Conference. It was a defining moment in my life and it changed my outlook on life forever. Navigating through the challenges of diagnosis, the rigors of treatment, and into a meaningful life beyond, my personal journey led me to a deeper understanding of what it was to stand in the face of uncertainty, pain, and fear, and move to a message of hope, inspiration, and healing.

Upon completion of my own treatment, I began volunteering at the same infusion room where I had been a patient, interacting with oncologists, nurses, staff, and most importantly, the patients.  In addition, I founded and lead a group of breast cancer survivors who reach out to communities and support women going through treatment.

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October 2014: It’s the Journey, Not the Destination
Seven years since my original breast cancer surgery, I felt it was time to honor my journey. A full range of emotions on the inside, along with physical changes on the outside, kept me hiding to cover the scars. And then, a local Laguna Beach artist came into my life and transformed my healing. It was time to take a journey, one I had never experienced before.

A visual and multi-media artist, Deborah Paswaters, guided me to a new level of acceptance and confidence as a cancer survivor and a woman. I posed for her in different stages of undress, with our last session wearing only a white cloth around parts of my body. Deborah supported me with her kind words and healing ways to work through my discomfort and body image concerns to reach a new level of acceptance of who I am as a woman, survivor, and human being. By our last session I felt, well, beautiful and confident. I posed and she drew. I posed and she painted. I posed and together we uncovered my new way of being.

Her finished work honors the walls of my home, and her sketches of me grace several doctor’s offices and homes in Orange County, CA. They illuminate the beauty I felt and the scars that make ‘me’ well, ‘me’. I walk around more confidently in my body because I challenged myself, with the help of a talented artist, to take the next step on my journey.

Here is one of my favorite pieces currently displayed at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, California:

Journey 2014

Journey 2014















Beth’s Approach

Beth’s personal coaching style is that of grace and empowerment, reflecting her own philosophy of living more in the moment and living life to its fullest.  Creating a clear vision, self-discovery of her own abilities and seeing beyond limitations, Beth lets her own light shine so that others may do the same.

Beth understands that life is about relationships in every area of one’s life.   Her expertise is in joining with her clients at the heart level to get to the heart of the matter, bringing forth each client’s truth so that they can live more fulfilled lives.