Frequently Asked Questions

logo-icon-smallIs life coaching for me?

Coaching is right for you if you identify with any of the following:

  • Looking for support to couple with your existing efforts to set and reach your goals that can boost your efforts and results to the next level.
  • Have tried other programs and services to improve your current situation and still don’t feel that you have reached your goals.
  • Like a high-level of personal attention. You feel that “cookie cutter” or “canned approaches” don’t work for you.
  • Have read all the books, searched the Internet, talked with family and still feel like you are not sure exactly how to resolve your current issue, or even how to get started.
  • Searching for ways to improve your current life situation in a way that fits conveniently and easily into your busy schedule without taking significant time away from other priorities in your life, and you are comfortable using the phone and email.
  • Find value in having a personal ‘sounding board’ to share your ideas with and gain new perspectives and possibilities.
  • You are willing to take action in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

logo-icon-smallWhat kinds of people hire Beth Griffith for life coaching?
People who partner with Beth want to create lives they love and are willing to assume risks, show courage, and take action steps to have it happen. They recognize that living the “status quo” no longer works and that teaming up with a life coach can create change for them, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. They choose to allow their inner strength, determination, flexibility, and willingness to receive ongoing feedback, guide them to an empowered life.

logo-icon-smallHow does a person know when to hire a coach?
A person knows when to hire a coach when they believe, “There has to be something more to life and has the willingness to explore and take action to have their relationships or circumstances be different.” Life coaching can be one of the most productive, practical, and fiscally responsible routes a person can take for creating more of what he/she wants in life. People are ready for life coaching when their desire for learning and change outweighs their fears.

logo-icon-smallHow is life coaching different from having a manager, good friend, or family member listen to you?
Well-meaning managers, friends, and family members usually listen to you with their own filters of “what is best for you.” They may give advice based on a narrow perspective without seeing you as being creative, resourceful, and whole. During life coaching sessions, you choose the focus of conversation, while the coach actively listens, contributes observations, and asks powerful questions. The coach partners with you while holding to your agenda at all times, which leads to clarity, choice, and action based on your values and vision of your future. Each coaching session is focused totally on you.

logo-icon-smallIsn’t being a life coach like being a consultant?
A consultant is hired as an expert and imparts knowledge and advice in a given area. When you hire a consultant, you may or may not be directly involved in taking action to create change. In life coaching, the coach sees you as being capable and having answers (or the resources to find them) within yourself. You also have the choice to implement change between sessions by taking your own actions and being accountable for them.

logo-icon-smallHow is life coaching different from therapy?
Coaching differs from therapy because coaching sessions are primarily focused on learning and achievement, rather than healing or resolution. Coaches help clients to make changes in their lives by observing present conditions, visualizing future goals, and determining action steps. Analyzing past events, understanding emotional reactions, or determining the cause of a client’s behaviors is typically not addressed in coaching.

logo-icon-smallHow does coaching help remove obstacles to my success?
Fear, in its many forms, is the greatest obstacle to success. Through life coaching, Beth will bring those fears to the surface, look at them together with clarity, and put them into perspective so that success is an achievable choice. With a certified life coach as your partner, you will clarify your values, vision, and life’s purpose to move your life forward both personally and professionally.

logo-icon-smallAre coaching sessions confidential?
Beth Griffith, CPCC, honors the International Coach Federation Standards of Ethical Conduct.