Monthly Retainer

Life Coaching: Monthly Retainer

Coaching is not a quick fix, and although some one-hour sessions can feel transformational, lasting change comes from developing a powerful relationship with your Coach over time, supporting you as you create the life you want. It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight.

Your monthly retainer offers four structured coaching sessions each month as part of your coaching package. In between those sessions, you have an opportunity to connect with me with something called laser coaching on an unlimited basis. Laser coaching is five or ten minutes of support in between sessions. This could be by phone or email and supports you in the coaching process.

The Benefits of the Monthly Retainer includes feeling supported all month long. Structured sessions become just one component of a monthly program that supports you in creating authentic and sustainable transformation in your life.

Acquire new skills to make positive, intentional choices and gain a greater awareness of who you are on your path to transformation.
Learn effective tools to let go of destructive fears and attitudes and replace them with a sense of well-being, supporting you in maximizing your real energy and minimizing stress.
Create solutions that move you from pain to peace and support you in taking your relationships to a new level.

Coaching is done by phone, which affords you the convenience of calling from your home, office, or any location in the world. As long as you have access to a phone or a computer, you can reach me and participate in a scheduled session.

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