Take a Moment to Think About Your Life

Woman Arms On Knees FlippedWhat is working, or not working, in your life right now? Are you searching for something that feels just beyond your grasp? Do you know there’s something more for you, but you’re unsure of what that something might be? Perhaps you have experienced a life-changing circumstance, and what you used to want no longer has meaning for you. Maybe you know what you want yet you just keep getting in your own way. Assessing where you are right now in your life supports you in moving forward with greater clarity and moves you from a day-to-day existence to one filled with possibilities. After all, have you ever taken the time to think about what you really want?

Take a deep breath right now…

Let’s take a moment to look at your life. When someone you haven’t seen in awhile or whom you’ve just met asks you, “What are you doing in your life now days?” How do you answer? If you are like most people, your mind races to find just the right things to say to ‘make you look good.’ Or maybe, your mind goes blank because, quite frankly, nothing new id going on. You are living the same life you’ve been living for years, saying you’re content but deep down having that nagging sense that you want to do more, and that you want to be more in your life.

Take a moment here and think about where you are in your relationships, even the one you have with yourself. Is something missing? Or, is ‘someone’ missing?

How is your health? Have you been thinking about those lifestyle changes that you know would be good for you but haven’t yet taken any action? Maybe you’ve had a major illness and now seek a healthier life all the way around: body, mind and spirit, but you are not quite sure how what that looks like. Does all of the health information out there seem overwhelming while the path to true healing feels elusive?

Perhaps you look around at your home environment, or your wardrobe, and recognize that it doesn’t really reflect that real you.

And here’s a big one: Have you been working in a field that leaves you with a sense of emptiness, but you don’t know where else to go, or how to make the leap? With a clear vision, all things are possible.


Where Are You Going?