Beth-icon 40x40 My journey with Beth Griffith has been exceptional. I started almost five years ago and not once did I think that I’d be where I am today. Since our first meeting, I have graduated with my Bachelors, my Masters, and soon to get my CPA License. With Beth as my life coach, I have been able to set clear goals and accomplish them in no time. She is the support that I need to make my blessed life even more spectacular. With Beth, I have learned to “enjoy the journey and not just the destination”. Looking forward to more years to come. Thank you Beth.
Sossy Hyatt, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Owning and operating a small business is no easy task. If you’re not careful the business can over take your entire life. Beth has helped me find that life/work balance and I very much appreciate her wisdom. I’m not done yet but so far we’ve made substantial progress. I highly recommend Beth as a life coach her wisdom is invaluable.
Mike, Business Owner in Orange County
Beth-icon 40x40Beth is amazing, insightful and motivating.  She helped me move mountains in the short six months and deal with aspects of my life that kept me in the repeating pattern for decades.  She helped me face some harsh realities and provided encouragement, without flattery, and guidance, to empower me to deal with the imminent challenges.  She is spiritual and powerful. Open your mind, trust and believe, and let Beth be your guiding star, if you’re ready for an awesome transformation, higher vibrations and stunning self-discovery!  From the bottom of my heart… Thank you for being my North Star.
A.P., Southern California
Beth-icon 40x40I first hired Beth as my Life Coach following a divorce some 10 years ago. She remained my coach until I was able to see a new way of looking at my life that brought me more peace and fulfillment. I still to this day use Beth’s accountability principles in my own counseling practice.  I find it a comfort to know that I have available to me an experienced, professional life coach who holds me accountable, challenges me when I need it, and champions my achievements. I highly recommend Beth and will continue to use her services now and in the future.
Cal Rawson  BS, BHC, Phoenix, AZ (Shifting Solutions)
Beth-icon 40x40Beth is an approachable and formidable coach. She claims I am very coach-able but I believe the fundamental reason for our success as a team is her active listening skills and ability to identify areas for improvement. I reached out to Beth for assistance with achieving greater balance in my life with my career, family and self care. Based on my needs and value assessments she administered, we noted that self care should be my primary focus. In only 6 sessions, I found significant value in taking ownership of looking out for myself with regards to fitness, health and overall wellness. I highly recommend Beth as a Life Coach. She is easy to talk to, honest, direct and has a great sense of humor.
Pam W., Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Beth is a passionate and professional Coach. She has been coaching for years and has the experience and dedication to her clients that make her the top in her field! I appreciate the simple tools she offers for real change.
Holly Olmstead, Arizona (Life is Essential, Essential Oils)
Beth-icon 40x40When I first began working with Beth, my life seemed overwhelming. Every little task seemed insurmountable. During our sessions, I learned to take every day, every moment, minute by minute. I learned that challenges in my life are not my whole life. I was able to keep things in perspective and by doing so these challenges did not overwhelm me. Beth has guided me, with very deliberate steps, into a life that I truly enjoy and, for that, I will be forever grateful!
Stacey Senne, California
Beth-icon 40x40Beth’s approach is completely unique and it works. She gets to the heart of the matter. Her personal experience and deep understanding produced insights that for me, were invaluable. The wisdom in Beth’s coaching was key in gaining new vision and moving me through the cloudy place I was before this program to the clearer, more conscious place I know now. For that I am ever grateful. What a rare gem!
Meg Cherry, Healing from the Inside Out client
Beth-icon 40x40IMPACT ON OTHERS Testimonial: Talked to my friend yesterday- wow, what a difference!!!! You really worked your magic with her. She is so much more fun to talk to and so much happier! She is so thankful to you and to me for referring you! Love it!!!
Beth-icon 40x40My job of 13 years was coming to an end and I was having a terribly difficult time facing the inevitable. Beth helped me to identify the emotional blocks that were keeping me from seeking and finding the next opportunity. With her help, I was able to grieve what I felt I was losing and start to focus on my future. I am truly grateful for her and her gifts!
Stacie Smith, Project Manager,Phoenix, AZ
Beth-icon 40x40I was very unhappy, constantly being pulled down by repetitive negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and others. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I knew I needed to do forgiveness work, but on my own I seemed to get nowhere. The idea to google for a coach with A Course in Miracles background occurred to me. This is how I found Beth. We started working together. My mind quieted down and my issues diminished. After a couple of months, my mind got even more quiet, I started to enjoy my life, and my issues diminished even more. I am beginning to find it difficult to come up with issues to discuss. As someone who did therapy for many years and got nowhere, I am extraordinarily pleased with the results I have achieved working with Beth. I am smiling more and finding pleasure in my life where before there was very little and all this in a very short time.
Ken Rosenberg, retired, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Beth-icon 40x40Beth helped me with so many things in just a short amount of time. She really helped me be much more clear with the values in my life that bring me happiness. I now have a reference point when making decisions based on her help. Her work is a true gift. I know she can help anyone that comes to her. Thank you, Beth for your love & patience with me.  I’m now exhaling instead of hyperventilating!!
Caprice J. Skincare Expert, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Beth you are SO awesome! The journey from ‘hopeless to hopeful’ began 12 short weeks ago. Your upbeat direct style of leading is profoundly appreciated. You have helped me by bringing greater awareness to my thoughts and teaching me to realize I have a CHOICE in what I say and how I react. I am NOT a victim. Your coaching has helped me change the course of my life in a positive direction. My journey now has an abundance of clarity and I am free from chaos. Thank you for helping me put the past in the past and for teaching me how to live in the present. You are a true gift!
R. Osborn, Yorba Linda, CA
Beth-icon 40x40I learned so much from working with Beth and feel more focused than I have in years. It was truly a life changing experience that I highly recommend!
SH, Ohio

Beth-icon 40x40Having Beth as a Life Coach is like turning on the faucet of positive and supportive energy. No matter my mood, by the end of the phone session, I’ve felt validated and heard because one of the many things Beth does best is listen. A good listener is rare. Beth listens with compassion. She also has an ability to help me sort through the clutter in my mind. I am grateful to Beth for helping me see that I can make choices about how I’m going to react to situations, as well as make choices about how I am going to enter into situations. This awareness is empowering. Beth is a coach who empowers. She’s my definition of “Coach”.

LK, Laguna Niguel, CA

Beth-icon 40x40I came into life coaching as a broken, lost, sleep-deprived person., But I went into this with no expectations because I honestly had no idea what to expect. When we first met, I was really nervous, but excited after I left the meeting. After our first two calls, I wasn’t sure if this coaching would work, but 12 weeks later, I am a completely new person. I have accomplished things I never thought were possible. I am happy again; the spark in me has been restored. I love the person I am right now and I refuse to let myself ever get back to the way I was. I am now a lot stronger and I know things can happen if you believe in it and if you try. I couldn’t have done this without you, Beth! Thank you for helping me to change my life in just 12 weeks!! If I know of anyone, I will definitely refer them to you!
Jen (age 23)
Beth-icon 40x40When I came to Beth I felt stuck in my job, my dating life, and how motherhood fit into that mix. Beth did a great job at helping me unstick myself. From a clear understanding of where I was, she helped me to set goals to improve each area of my life. It’s amazing what can happen in 12 weeks – thank you, Beth!
Jen, Teacher, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40So much better than therapy. Beth was absolutely wonderful. She was supportive when I needed it and she was tough when I needed it. Beth helped me to really believe that I am in charge of my own destiny. She helped me understand the roadblocks I a kept throwing in my own path. I so loved this experience and would highly recommend Beth to anyone. She truly is a great life coach.
Melissa K
Beth-icon 40x40Having you as my life coach was such a pleasure. I truly feel honored that you chose to take me on. I came to you pretty much LOST. I had accomplished so much but felt lifeless until you gave me the guidance I needed to come alive. So much made sense after each phone meeting. I thank you for putting color back into my life, helping me turn my house into a home and guiding me to what truly it is that I am meant to be doing in this world. Believe me when I say the outcome is not at all what I expected, but I can’t wait. I truly thank you for the laughs, the tears and the special times.
Sossy Hyatt, TopCatsDance, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Working with Beth has helped me to recognize my own strengths, to value myself and to help me discover who I am and what I want for my life. She asked the right questions so that I could find my own answers. She encouraged me so that I felt sure of my abilities and authenticated my own sense of self worth. I had a reliable ally in my fight against negative thoughts, fears and feelings of doubt. She helped me to recognize my fears and gave me the tools and guidance to overcome them. Once I was able to identify and articulate my fears, it was easier to overcome them and keep them from stopping me on my journey to a more meaningful and full life. She kept me focused on what I wanted to change in my life and the steps necessary to achieve that change. I am on my way to a happier and healthier future thanks to the work that I did with Beth.
Yvonne Jean
Beth-icon 40x40Beth is super fantastic! I’ve found working with Beth to be so tremendously helpful to help stay focused and productive and help keep my eye on the prize as well as de-clutter my life from the junky things as well as people I can absolutely do without. Having someone help you and be on your team like this is so beneficial to obtaining a better quality of life, and in a world where you need to be on your game, having Beth in your corner to help you make those winning moves is exceptionally helpful
Jeff Von Stetten, Business Owner, Dana Point, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Coaching with Beth has been a wonderful experience for me. Years of therapy did not “kick-start” me down my path like a handful of sessions with Beth did. For years I’ve felt like I was living someone else’s life, and by helping me identify my needs and values, Beth was able to help confirm that indeed I was. I was drowning in a sea of self-doubt, indecisiveness and fear. Beth threw me a life line and is helping me to clarify and focus on my goals, giving me invaluable encouragement along the way and not accepting any excuses for why “I can’t”. I look forward every week to our sessions and always hang up the phone with renewed commitment to myself and to living my life authentically. I am so grateful Beth!
Julie H., Jewelry Designer
Beth-icon 40x40My experience working with Beth has been very helpful in all areas of my life. Beth helped me identify the “gremlin” that sits on my shoulder and whispers all the negative self talk that I would hear when confronted with daily conflicts. Beth helped me to acknowledge the little beast and put her away so I could move forward and trust my decision making abilities. ..Thank you Beth.
Cindi Bossard, Service Coordinator, Iowa State
Beth-icon 40x40To put into words what Beth has done for me and my life is almost impossible. As my life coach, she taught me how to view things outside the fog that suffocated me for years. Exercises like vision boarding, gave me the opportunity to really see what I wanted to accomplish in my life. I now use this technique as a map to keep focused on my goals and visualize what I want my future to look like. I have even shared it with my friends and made vision board parties where we all get together to talk about what we want in life and put it on the boards. It has brought us all closer together and gave us a great support group. Beth helped me in the creative process and also made sure I actually took the steps to accomplish what I envisioned. I continue to see my vision become a reality. Thank you Beth for being such a positive influence in my life and the best coach a girl could ask for.
Danielle Roth, Advertising Account Manager, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Almost 24 hours of receiving my first coaching session with Beth, my life situation began changing. My adversarial relationships at work began to transform into harmonious relationships. I was lighter, more joyful, and focused at work. With each coaching sessions, I would experience several cognitions that created miracles in my life. Not only at work, but my relationships with my family members and friends began to improve. I am so much more calm, contented, and focused about my life. Things go smoother and I am definitely more at cause in my life. I would recommend coaching in general and Beth as the coach in particular.
TB, School Counselor
Beth-icon 40x40I would need more than a page to describe all the positive, life changing things that Beth has introduced me to. I am amazed at all the items, situations, relationships, freedom, forgiveness, planning, and numerous other things that Beth opened up for me. The discovery of thoughts and opinions I was carrying was so enlightening. She has an awesome way of identifying those and dealing with them in a comfortable, open manner. To be allowed to discuss things so openly, yet so intimate is key to life growth. I now look forward to dealing with situations rather than avoiding or stressing over them. I can only wish I had discovered Life Coaching with Beth a long time ago. Thanks for being such a fantastic coach.
RF, Business Owner
Beth-icon 40x40Life coaching, I have discovered, is just what is sounds like; a coach that keeps me working towards winning at the game of life, my life. Life coaching has helped me stay on track by holding me accountable and helping me to see the “bigger picture” of my life. I have more direction and organization in my professional life which has allowed me to create more quality time for myself and my family. Beth, you have been a terrific support, champion and motivator for me. Thank you!
Nancy Jones, Psychologist
Beth-icon 40x40My relationships with my wife, kids and father have grown since we began coaching together. I could never have done it without you and have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. My life has become so much more manageable and stress free since working with you. My conflicts at home and work are now seen in a different light and are not so major and I am now able to now work through them. I also have to thank you for supporting me in writing a thank you letter to my father. That action has had a big impact on me and my relationship with my father that words cannot describe it. I have always looked forward to our coaching calls as some new thought would feed my soul.
Dan Jones, Probation Officer
Beth-icon 40x40Having Beth as my life coach has been nothing but awesome! She has given me the tools in order to find clarity in my life. I live life full out and I love it. Beth is very strong in her teachings at the same time very supportive in allowing me to go through the process. Beth has taught me to look at roadblocks in my path as nothing but sand leading to greater pathways- it is fantastic and I have experienced it firsthand! Thank you for being a wonderful coach Beth!
Erica Mangham, President of Meeting & Event Company, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciated you providing me with the opportunity to FINALLY express some of the feelings I’ve kept inside by creating a safe, loving space in a very difficult situation. Your workshop on forgiveness started my healing process by allowing me to open up and share my fears, and being in prison, is not an easy thing to do.
Beth-icon 40x40Turmenistan GroupI HAVE to tell you about my last project! Remember when you sent out the email talking about how past success helps encourage future success? I brought it up with my students and had them all write down at least five successes in their lives and then I talked to them about the vision board info you sent and yesterday we started making vision boards! Cool, right? I thought you’d like to know about your inspired project! During my two years volunteering in Turkmenistan, I was very fortunate to work with a group of dedicated, advanced students. We worked on many different projects and activities, and when my time in Turkmenistan was coming to an end, I decided to introduce them to vision boards as their last in-class project. I wanted them to make a map of their future, and have it be something they could always look at and never forget their goals and dreams. The result was phenomenal. For about one week we worked on these vision boards. Some students needed two poster boards because they had so many aspirations. In a country where such dreams are far from attainable, this really made me happy to see these students not letting that stop them.
Angela Generoso, Peace Corps Volunteer, Turkmenistan, 2007-2009
Beth-icon 40x40Working with Beth was easy and very helpful. In a short amount of time with Beth’s assistance, I was able to sharpen my tools to increase my productivity as well as my level of happiness and peace. Our time together will benefit me for the rest of my life.
Sean Chawla, CEO
Beth-icon 40x40Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to heal, grow, evolve and renew my sense of spirit as I begin the next chapter of life after treatment. I treasure each and every one of you and will continue to keep you in my thoughts. I’m looking forward to future get-togethers and sharing our stories as we go on and thrive.
With much gratitude ~ Laurie (participant, Healing From The Inside Out Group)
Beth-icon 40x40I have been in my profession for over thirty years. I finally reached a point in my career and life where I was lost. I enlisted the services of Beth Griffith as my Life Coach. Beth is a remarkable woman; totally positive and uplifting. After working with her, that positive attitude was imbedded into me. My outlook on life became clear. I am much happier with myself and have moved onto another wonderful chapter in my life. If any of you are “stuck” as I was….I totally recommend Beth to be your life coach. Thank you Beth for doing an incredible job.
M. Cypress, Visalia, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Beth, I want to thank you for today’s coaching session. I absolutely appreciate your warm approach yet straight forward style. It was obvious to me you were listening to my heart as you kept me in touch with my values. The very best part of our session was how you helped me to think “outside the box” and realize all the other options I have! Working with you is the best because of your personal integrity and commitment to doing your best for your clients and it was fun too!
Mrs. D. Pearce, Newport Beach, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Life Coaching is for everyone! When you started coaching me I was contemplating my personal life and my career, and was lost as to what path to take. Beth, your challenging questions and loving style brought focus into my life and cut out years of struggle. Whatever self-realization path someone is on, your life coaching style will show them a short cut. Thank you Beth, from the bottom of my heart!
CR, Business Owner
Beth-icon 40x40Beth, you are a delight to work with! I feel so comfortable in our coaching sessions; you are such an attentive, supportive listener and honor my silence as well as my conversation. Your intuitive insights helped me dig deep for clarity, creating an epiphany and a whole new understanding of what it is I want to manifest. I’m really excited to bring this into being, and the fun action steps I have will move me quickly towards my goal. I can’t wait to share with you. Thank you, Beth!
Beverly Simmons, True Track Life Coaching, Orange, CA
Beth-icon 40x40The tools I learned through life coaching helped me to understand and communicate better with my young son. Also, I now know when I am stressed, to take a deep breath and look at the ‘whole picture’ to gain a new perspective. By listening and asking questions instead of assuming, my communication with my husband has really improved. Beth, your coaching has made a positive impact on me and my family and I am grateful to have a more enriched life.
Dawn Ziroli, Wife and Mother
Beth-icon 40x40I cleared the way to step more fully into the empowerment and ownership of my business. And, the flood gates opened. It has truly been amazing. I am so grateful to you, Beth for being a compassionate, intuitive, co-creative, insightful, supportive coach. You encouraged me when I needed it, kept me on track, and supported me to be empowered and take steps that were most helpful and timely for me. You are clear, honest, direct, and gentle…all at the same time. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs some clarity, insight, support, and empowerment…in any area of their life.
Janet Overstreet, Realtor
Beth-icon 40x40My communication with my family and friends has become clearer and stronger as I know now more of who I am and what I want to say. I can see my future more clearly and as I move forward, I laugh more, I’m happier and I am enjoying my life. Life Coaching has given me direction, tools, and skills that have empowered me to design a life I love. Work is much easier to manage because I am now able to see things from the client’s perspective. Beth, you’re an awesome coach!
Jeana Arkell, Realtor, Orange County, CA
Beth-icon 40x40Your powerful questions during our coaching sessions reawakened my intense desire to live life more fully, from a place of contribution rather than expectation. Beth, holding me accountable with my goals and believing in me, helped empower my commitment to making a difference on the planet. I am acting upon that and I am more in touch with the realization that the world is a better place because I’m in it.  You are an awesome Orange County Life Coach!
Hal Lafler, Contributor to MiraculousMusings.com
Beth-icon 40x40An eye opening experience, life coaching has been an exhilarating experience that yielded amazing results, so much that I would highly recommend this to anyone who desires to see themselves in a better place with a happier more fulfilled life. Beth, you have a very unique quality that endears people to you in a spirit of truth, honesty and a most sincere willingness to want to make a difference. You have been a champion of mine and I know my life is infinitely better from having been coached by you.
Susan Renner, Executive Coordinator
Beth-icon 40x40Beth, you have an open-hearted way of being in the world. I find your character above reproach and I have always felt more open in your presence. I am more willing to ‘look’ at myself with you. I never feel judged or confined. I feel excited and curious and willing to change my life so that I flourish. It all manifests with your coaching!
Nancy Jack, Life Coach