Where Are You Going?

young woman lookingWithout a clear vision and direction, you are left with a sense of frustration and an inability to stay focused and empowered. In designing your life’s path, you gain essential focus on your values, principles, and your life’s purpose, which is the catalyst to creating an empowered life that is truly yours for the taking. Committing to personal growth enables you to live empowered in every area, with clear intention and personal satisfaction. Think of the excitement you would feel if you woke up tomorrow morning and possessed not only the clarity of where you want to go, but just as importantly, the tools to help you get there.

Let’s look at the following analogy: the hamster on the wheel. Knowing she wants to go somewhere, the hamster gets on the wheel and starts treading. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow she’s going, she just doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. She has intention, but her vague vision is overshadowed by her need to do something in order to make her feel like she’s moving toward a place she cannot actually define. This goes on and on. Stopping to assess where she’s at and create a clear vision would enable her to consciously take the next step toward her desired destination. This ‘getting off the wheel’ is vital to the success of her dreams, and saves her immeasurable amounts of otherwise wasted energy. If the hamster had had a clear vision from the beginning, she would figured out early on that going round and round on the wheel was not getting her where she wanted to go. The question: Is her intention clear enough to hop off, and redesign her plan to realize her true vision?

The clarity of a strong vision helps you when you lose your way. With all of the distractions in daily life, it’s easy to lose focus, get out of balance, and become overwhelmed. This is where a ‘blueprint’ comes into play. Being clear on your vision helps you to see if your actions are consistent with your goals so that in a framework of time, you arrive where you want to be. Your ‘blueprint’ is designed with action steps so it keeps you aligned with your vision, keeps you in action, and allows your distractions to fall away so that you achieve your successes.

By gaining a clear vision in any area of your life – whether it’s in the area if relationships (family, friends, co-workers, significant other, yourself), health and well being, spirituality, home-life, career, fun, or finances, you can now choose to take the necessary steps that lead to a balanced life with purpose and meaning.


How Will You Get There?